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Silk Browser 2019

Amazon Silk is a next-generation web internet browser offered just on Fire tablets and phones. Built on a split architecture that divides processing between the client and the Amazon cloud, Amazon Silk is designed to develop a much faster, more responsive mobile browsing experience.

Unlike other internet browsers, Amazon Silk has the vast capacity of Amazon Web Solutions (AWS) behind it. Using AWS, Amazon Silk evaluates aggregate web traffic patterns, preprocesses pages, and uses predictive algorithms to identify the fastest method to provide content to the device.

Silk Browser 2019

Silk Browser 2019

To decrease latency and page load times, Amazon Silk routes demands through remote proxy servers powered by Amazon EC2. These cloud servers provide high-performance connection speeds and calculating power not usually available to a mobile type aspect.

Amazon Silk is a web internet browser developed by Amazon for Kindle Fire and Fire Phone. It uses a split architecture where some of the processing is carried out on Amazon's servers to enhance website packing performance. It is based upon the open source Chromium project that uses the Blink engine.

For each web page, Silk chooses which internet browser subsystems (networking, HTML or page rendering) to run in your area on the device and which to run remotely on its own Amazon EC2 servers.

Silk uses Google's SPDY protocol to speed up loading of websites. Silk gives SPDY performance improvements for non-SPDY enhanced sites if the pages are sent out through Amazon's servers. [citation required] Some early reviewers found that cloud-based velocity did not always enhance page packing speed, most notably on faster connections or for simpler websites.

Some personal privacy organizations raised concerns with how Amazon passes Silk traffic by means of its servers, effectively operating as an Internet service provider for those using the web browser. The Silk web browser consists of the alternative to switch off Amazon server-side processing. On July 26, 2016 it was reported that Silk prevents access to Google over HTTPS

Amazon says "a thread of silk is an unnoticeable yet incredibly strong connection in between two various things", and thus calls the internet browser Amazon Silk as it is the connection in between Kindle Fire and Amazon's EC2 servers.

Silk Browser 2019


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